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Nov 24

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Working From Home

  There are so many misconceptions of working from home owning your own business, mostly because of the scams and risk involved with many of them! To be honest, I was skeptical when I was first introduced, but so very thankful I took the time to find out more!  The biggest misconception is that ALL …

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Jan 15

Want Success? You Must Prioritize and Take Action!

Want Success? You Must Prioritize and Take Action! As a busy mom of 3, we have all kinds of “busy-ness” going on!  Prioritizing is key to success, and we all want to have success!  I’ve found that sometimes I’m even doing little videos like this on a whim because of my time limits, but I …

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Dec 04

What You Need To Know About Having a Facebook Fan Page


Facebook continues to grow, and has grown to over 500 million in 2010~ so why aren’t you on Facebook advertising if you have a business??  Here are 5 reasons why you should make a Facebook Fan Page for your Business NOW and not be without one.  I hope that you already created your fan page, …

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Oct 12

Are You Raising Your Kids To Be Entrepreneurs?

Are You Raising Your Kids To Be Entrepreneurs? This is a great video about teaching our kids to be entrepreneurs~ not just Doctors, Lawyers, etc., but business people!  People that want to do what they are passionate about, and what they feel they are good at and can help the world with!  Growing up, and …

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Sep 15


We all have those moments where we feel we need to do just one little thing to make ourselves better, something that will make us stronger, encourage ourselves to do something we fear, something we have never done before!    Today was my day…and I challenge each of you to do a little stretch, dance, …

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