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Jan 26

Feeling Scattered? Develop An Effective Social Media Marketing Plan!

Develop An Effective Social Media Marketing Plan!

Feeling Scattered?  Develop An Effective Plan To Social Media Marketing! Did you know that many home businesses that are marketing online fail because they don’t know the proper communication techniques and how to create relationships, set goals and develop a good plan through Social Media?   Here are 5 ways to developing an effective plan …

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Jan 09

More Social Media Sites Rising Up in 2011!

social media 2011

More Social Media Sites Rising Up in 2011! Think Facebook and Twitter are the only social media sites out there?  Of course not, but they are the top ranked sites.  In 2011, we will see even more Social Media sites rising up.  There are so many Social Media sites out there, and many more that …

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Dec 04

Choosing The Right Blog Theme – Have You Chosen The Right Blog Theme For Your Business?

  Choosing The Right Blog Theme   Recently, I’ve found that it’s important that you are choosing the right blogger theme for your business, BEFORE you start blogging!  Of course, if you’ve already started, and you want to change it, it’s not too hard, but it does require a few things to be re-done.  I …

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Oct 10

Social Media And How It Can Benefit Your Business

Are you marketing your business the proper way?  People don’t want to be “pitched” or spammed, you need to understand why people come on to social networking sites (like Facebook & Twitter)!  Marketing your business should never mean you need to spam people on a daily basis.  If they are interested, they will want to …

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Oct 03

Top 10 Best Plugins for WordPress


If you have an upgraded WordPress.org site, then you'll want some plugins!  Have you ever wondered which ones are the best to use?  Well, I have some great plugin suggestions for you! Remember to always look for the top rated plugins with a minimum of 3 stars, so you don't have to worry about the …

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