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Monday’s Link LOVE Roundup #3


Monday’s Link LOVE Roundup #3

I’m really excited about today’s Link Love Roundup!  I am breaking them up into categories this time~ a few on Blogging & Internet Marketing and a few on Healthy Living that I found to be great posts!  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!


Blogging/Social Media/Internet Marketing

Angie Schottmuller

I’m all about appreciation and making sure others get credit when needed~Twitter is a fantastic way to build your business and connect with others. When someone retweets your content are you thanking them the proper way?  Angie Schottmuller shares some great ways to show your appreciation for a retweet!


Alyssa Avant

There really is a specific way to build your business online!  Be sure you are attracting others into your business the right way!  List building is critical to driving traffic and building your business~ without a list, you’re essentially out of business!  Alyssa Avant shares why it’s so important to build your list strategically with a marketing funnel.


Martha Giffen

Guest blogging is a great way to gain exposure in the internet marketing world!  This is one excellent tip I think is often overlooked and should be used more often!  Martha Giffen shares all about Guest Blogging and how you can use it to your advantage!


Social Media Examiner

I’m a big Social Media Examiner fan, I’m also a Facebook fanatic!  I love learning new ways to market using Facebook~ since the new Facebook Fan Page rolled out, there are many changes you need to be aware of! 


Health & Wellness

Bryan Walsh

You may be naive to the toxins in your home, let alone what you ingest, but start educating yourself and what you do now will pay you back later!  Save your family’s health by learning the dangers of processed drinks~ Bryan Walsh shares an excellent article on Soda’s and what’s in them that can cause your body harm.


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