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Having a Strong Business Plan to Help You Reach Your Goals

Business Plan Having a Strong Business Plan to Help You Reach Your Goals

Some people let their personal lives get in the way of their business, but you should be setting a strong business plan for yourself and knowing exactly where you want to be and exactly when you want to reach your goals!

Do you have a strong business plan and a strong WHY?  If not, here are a few ways to get you on track!

1)  Have your goals written down and on paper – it's hard to know where you want to go in your head, so when you write your goals down on paper you can look back everyday and know what you need to achieve success!

2)  Dream – dreaming and setting goals go hand in hand.  It's okay to dream and think about what you want your future to look like~ (get out of debt, pay for retirement, put money away for kids college fund, new car, bigger house by the ocean, etc.)  This will help motivate you to stick to your goals and what you want out of your business!

3)  Set business hours for yourself –  Being consistent is the most important part of being able to reach your goals.  Know what hours you are willing to put into your business and never treat your business like a "hobby".

4)  Think realistically – It's okay to dream, and it's okay to have your goals written down, but be sure that you are thinking realistically!  If you want to make $5000.00 in 1 month, how are you going to reach that goal?  Are you putting in more time, making sure you stick to your plan and not letting anything get in the way of that goal?  If you want to make $5000.00 in 1 month, yet you want to only work 5 hours per week, then you need to re-evaluate those goals.

5)  Make up your To-do list the night before that way you know exactly what needs to be done the following day and you don't drift off into something that is less important.

6)  Do the most important tasks FIRST – Getting those harder most important tasks out of the way first will make you feel more accomplished and more motivated than if you focus on the smaller tasks and never have time to complete those larger ones.

7)  Be consistent –  The most important part of being successful and reaching your goals is knowing exactly where you want to be and to consistently be working your business.

Here are just a few things NOT to do:

1)  Let discouragement take over – if you haven't reached your goal, it's OK!  Set yourself up for success by mapping out another plan of action and be sure you know exactly how you're going to achieve that goal the 2nd time around!  "Failure is NOT an option!"

2)  Don't make checking your email one of the things on your To-do list.  You can check your email later in the day or periodically throughout the day, but don't let it consume your day or get in the way of important tasks.

3)  Think negatively –  Again, failure is not an option.  When you think negatively, you not only get yourself down, but others around you.  Be a leader and think positive ALWAYS!

4)  Don't work your business 24 hours a day – Set business hours for yourself so you can still enjoy time to yourself and time with your family.  Make a plan to enjoy those moments.  The moments you have with your family are those that you will cherish for years to come, don't lose sight of what is most important.

So…what are your goals now that you've set a strong plan for success?  Share them with me!  I'd love to hear about them!

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