Simple Steps To Being More Organized

Planning and organizing is KEY to making sure you can effectively manage your day, week, month and make your year the very best!  You will feel more accomplished by completing what you need to get done on a step by step basis rather than feeling scattered and unorganized.  It’s important to follow these simple steps …

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Owning A Home Business

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Working From Home

  There are so many misconceptions of working from home owning your own business, mostly because of the scams and risk involved with many of them! To be honest, I was skeptical when I was first introduced, but so very thankful I took the time to find out more!  The biggest misconception is that ALL …

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Do You Lack Value In Your Business?

Value is what we perceive it to be based on the knowledge we have in our own personal lives. Have you ever thought “you aren’t good enough” or don’t have anything to offer anyone? Have you wondered what you would ever share to give someone value in your business? Trust me, I’ve been there, but …

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3 Reasons You Are Damaging Your Online Credibility

3 Reasons You Are Damaging Your Online Credibility 3 Reasons You Are Damaging Your Credibility: 1) Being Negative – Negative thoughts are never nice, be careful when you post personal life problems or are always feeling down.  The best way to stop depression is to change your mind set.  Having a good positive outlook on …

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10 Ideas on How to Engage With Facebook Fans

10 Ideas On How to Engage With Your Facebook Fans We’ve all had writers block, thinking about what to post on our Facebook Fan pages that will keep fans engaged. Here’s a quick list of 10 Ideas on What to Post To Your Facebook Fan Page to keep it interesting and encourage interaction – feel …

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